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Hi, my name is Peter Knowles,Some years ago I decided to find out who my ancestors were.How they lived and see what made me.Me!!!. Back in the 1980's long before computers made genealogy what it is today. KNOWLES GENEALOGY WEBSITE

I spent more hours in various Records Offices,Libraries looking through census returns and parish records, climbed over more gravestones in more cemeteries than I care to remember,resulting in this website,so please feel free to use the information if it helps you with your family history research.

I hit a brick wall with my Knowles ancestors when I got back to the 1770's. KNOWLES GENEALOGY WEBSITE
Not being able to go back,I decided to branch off sideways,and look into some of the Family Trees of families connected to my family through marriage.

This website contains many family trees from the Kirkburton/Huddersfield and Barnsley areas of Yorkshire,England.

KNOWLES GENEALOGY WEBSITE All the families are connected to each other and together they make up my Knowles Family Genealogy.

So after you have finished looking through this website,you think there is a link to your family through any of the families listed or you would like more information about my family history. Then please e.mail me. familyhistory@knowles5849.freeserve.co.uk

The following 13 family trees: Ashton Family, Collier Family, Copley Family, Fearne Family, Fitton Family, Haigh Family, Hey Family, Hill Family, Knowles Family, Lockwood Family, Mosley Family, Spink Family, and Tunnicliffe Family, plus other information from this website are now available in
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Thank you for visiting my website,I hope you found something of use to you in your family history research.

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Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the information on this website is correct researchers are advised to consult the original registers for more details.

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Peter Knowles